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I took my camera, with macro lens, outdoors with me on Saturday.  Auggie joined me.

The peonies are sprouting upward with speed.  The taller shoot here is about 5″ tall.  Their emergence from slumber is a week or two early, and in another two months or so they will burst forth in giant pink blooms.


The peonies are ready to pop.

Every year, right around Commencement and Mother’s Day, I go on peony watch. Daffodils, tulips, lilac, iris . . .  these make me happy.

But for some reason, peonies are a true pleasure.

By this time next week, these beauties will be in full bloom!


And check out the paint on the door and trim, thanks to D.

I also have hummingbirds this year!


Look for it....
Look for it….

The garden

Sometime in the last four days, the hostas have shot up and made themselves known.

The peonies that were mere peeps from the soil 2.5 weeks ago are now two feet tall.

The lilacs are blooming in the dooryard, to paraphrase Whitman.  (I took a sprig to school today, and my office was scented all the day long.)

And my indoor starts have all sprouted.

Sunday is garden day.

A week later

Last Saturday I posted pictures of the beginning of Spring showing up in my yard.

After the yard work yesterday, I took more picture.  The peonies are definitely growing, and of course the daffodils are in furious stretch season right now.  The tulips have become more active.  And the hydrangeas are showing signs of life in their first year in the ground.  That makes me very happy.