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Memorial Day 2020

My sister Karen made the trip on Saturday to decorate the graves of our forebears.

Top: my mother and father, in Lee’s Summit.

Bottom: forty miles south, in Crescent Hill Cemetery outside of Adrian, my grandmother Ruth and grandfather Edwin, and my beloved Aunt Esther, her sister, with Uncle John.

And sixty miles south of where I live, my paternal grandparents in De Soto:

Vincent and Flora, my grandparents.

Memorial Day 2018

I spent this Memorial Day quietly.

Sisters Karen and Beth have visited the Lee’s Summit Historical Cemetery which now has the graves of both of our parents:

This is an odd feeling, on this day in particular.

Meanwhile I’ve watered the plants and walked the dog and napped and made a pig-pickin’ cake and paid bills and barbecued burgers and done quite a bit of Webster University work.

And now it’s time to read for a while.

Memorial Day 2017

From Christ Church Cathedral, Saint Louis, on Sunday, May 28:

Flags on the graves of veterans who are interred in the chapel at Christ Church Cathedral, Saint Louis.

And from various cemeteries:

Mom’s grave in Lee’s Summit Historical Cemetery.