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Madrid, and heading home

We are at the Madrid airport in the Neptuno lounge, waiting an hour for our flight to begin boarding.

While this holiday has not been without its challenges, this trip has done exactly what it was supposed to do: help me leave behind some daily cares for a while, be a time of friendship and camaraderie, and give me even more understanding of Morocco (and more reasons to return).

The challenges have included no luggage (found only as we were leaving Tangier) and a lingering touch of The Portuguese Revenge from the local water in Fès.

But the joys!–

  • the blue of Chefchaouen
  • that camel ride
  • several memorable meals
  • talking with locals
  • the corniche in Tangier
  • Volubilis
  • Kevin’s glee at buying spices at the market in Meknes
  • the medina in Fès
  • attentive staff at riads and hotels
  • medicine delivered to the hotel
  • sights and sounds and scents (and smells) to fill a lifetime

Some of my favorite photos from the past ten days:


On a layover, a three-hour ramble around central Madrid. I watched some street dancing, caught the 7 p.m. bells at the Cathedral, sat through most of Mass in Spanish, and found some pizza and beer, which really it the spot.

The edge of the royal palace.

My room at the airport Hilton.

This Hilton, near the airport, is a solid 1 km walk from the nearest Metro stop, which is itself more than a dozen stops from the city center. I got my walking in today.

Scenes from the San Miguel Market:

Tangier: getting here

In six photos . . . .


Entrance to the Centurion Lounge in Philadelphia.

International-inspired creations at the lounge. The passionfruit mousse was especially divine.

The US coast, minutes after take-off.

At the lounge in Madrid.

Arriving at the Tangier airport.


The American Airlines flight arrived early in Madrid this morning. Perhaps the jet flew faster because only about 60 of the 220 seats were taken.

The Madrid airport is fairly deserted at this time of the morning. I’ve been privileged to see the sun rising and I am enjoying the quiet of this huge international terminal.

After meandering a bit in the market area, I realized that the Priority Pass lounge was upstairs, so I backtracked through duty-free and found a peaceful lounge with east- and north-facing views. Breakfast was ham and cheese and a croissant and some pineapple. And decent coffee.

(I just have to say that the American Express Platinum card is so worth it when flying internationally. Plus all the other perks!)

My Tangier flight is not for another 2+ hours, so I’ll hunker down here for a while. And try to stay awake.

Oh yes — never again will I wear these shoes while traveling. I can’t wait to get into some other shoes!

From the lounge.

I entitled this one “Still Life: Bamboo, Dying.”