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Tangier round two: luggage

All signs point to no luggage, and that my large bag is lost for good.

The locals tell me that Royal Air Maroc is the problem.

American Airlines tells me they transferred my bag to Royal Air Maroc, but have no luggage tag number, and no specific record of delivery or pick-up or sign-off on the transfer.  The two airlines are going to be pointing fingers to each other.

And now I get the fun of filing claims with the airline(s) and with the travel insurance company.

Of course, they will only reimburse items that I purchase to replace, up to a certain amount.

My Birkenstocks are gone.  So are a pair of shoes I bought six years ago in the UK, in Wells . . . some of my best walking shoes.  The Hawaiian shirts are gone. Some might cheer that news.  So are two hats bought specifically for travel.  And a book.  And underclothes and trousers and shirts and toiletries and an expensive carbon-fiber walking stick.  And my electric razor.  And my maintenance meds.  And some school work.

The Hilton concierge took us around to the adjacent shopping mall after Iftar on Tuesday evening.  He pointed out two shops that would open very soon, at 9 p.m.  I now have more underclothes, socks, a pair of jeans, two new shirts (plus two others I bought today), toiletries (so inexpensive here!!), some flip-flops, and a hat.

Two of the new additions to the wardrobe.

A new suitcase itself shall wait until I return home, unless I see something I really like.

The extra cost today? The equivalent of:

  • $12 for toiletries
  • $305 for clothing

I’m being infinitely patient, too.  And thanking God that I am man of means, who is experienced in traveling.  This bump is not going to frizzle me!

Tangier round two: no luggage

Gloom despair and agony…..

Or silver lining: NEW MOROCCAN WARDROBE!

I have my pills, a change of undergarments for Tuesday, and all the stuff I need to write.  But no extra clothing.

And Royal Air Maroc says they have no idea where the suitcase is.

I wish American Airlines had done what they told us Monday morning they would do: leave our luggage for us to collect and check with our new outbound carrier.  Instead, they transferred it, didn’t give us new claim checks, and now my luggage is lost with no record in the system.

We shall see…..

Meanwhile, HELLO TANGIER!!!