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48 hours later

  • Five loads of laundry are complete. 
  • Auggie had been to the beauty shop. 
  • Jet lag is kicking me tonight. 
  • I’m still weepy over La La Land. 
  • In a bizarre burst of energy, most of my wrinkled shirts are now spotlessly ironed. 
  • I can’t get warm this evening. 
  • For the second night in a row, I have not cooked dinner. Damn jet-lagged lethargy. 
  • The Christmas decorations are all tucked safely away for another 10.5 months. 
  • Manchester United football is lulling me to sleep. 
  • And I hope I dream again of the beach at Repulse Bay. 

Hong Kong — New Year’s Eve street scenes

My companion

My energy is picking up a bit.  I’ve worked on laundry tonight, and on ironing some clothes, and on some tidying.  This is all necessary after two weeks of pretty powerful lethargy at home.  I even worked up a bit of a sweat!

The fireplace is closed up for the year.  Dishes are washed.  Recycling is out. Books are chosen for the trip to Europe that commences Wednesday.

I sat on the sofa before moving to my chair. Samson stayed on the sofa.  He’s a gem.