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In Chicago

I enjoyed a full and rich day in Chicago yesterday!

Departure from home was at 6.30 a.m.  Arriving at the airport, I found no line whatsoever for security.  But Lambert was mobbed with men and women in uniform on their way home for a holiday break.  I got called ‘sir’ so many times I felt positively old.

My day plans in Chicago changed abruptly the night before, so I regrouped and decided to be an architectural tourist.  Leaving my bags at the Palmer House, I stepped out on the green line for Oak Park and the Frank Lloyd Wright home and studio.  I also stopped by Unity Temple in Oak Brook, the last of the public FLW buildings still in use, to view the wonders of his architecture there.  Pictures from the visits will wait for a better internet connection, although I’ll post a few here.

Kyle, snagged from his Facebook page.
Kyle, snagged from his Facebook page.

After a quick nap in my corner room at the Palmer House Hilton, I walked over to the blue line and a short hop northwest to Grand and Milwaukee.  I met my old student Kyle Cothern (Ball State ’05) for a long dinner and catch-up.  Kyle is now working for GIA Publications here in Chicago.  We’d not seen each other in eight years, and we had a delightful dinner!

By the way, our dinner at The Dawson was grand, with wonderful food and a stunning appetizer of grilled leeks.

And now it’s Saturday.  I shall today visit the Art Institute of Chicago, then go Symphony Center for not one but two concerts by the Chicago Symphony Orchestra.  This afternoon: a pops concert with Duain Wolfe conducting, and my friend Adam Hendrickson singing in the chorus.  Tonight: Eschenbach conducting the Bruckner 9th symphony.

And then tomorrow, God willing, I fly home for a final rush of things to do before Christmas.