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The Joy of Cooking

May I just say how much I love The Joy of Cooking, the single best cookbook I own?

I am so grateful to D for introducing me to this indispensable guide!  The cookbook contains recipes for nearly everything.

Today was toasted pecans, and toasted pepitas.  Last week was sweet crepes, and on a different day hot chicken casserole.



I had a hankering for goulash tonight, and in keeping with my plan to use up every bit of edible meat in the freezer before I procure any more, I thawed a pound of hamburger, then substituted it for the beef called for by The Joy of Cooking.  With a few other slight adaptations, I had an incredibly happy meal of goulash on noodles.

Paprika, sour cream, V-6 juice, some beef broth, a bit of tomato paste — these are yummy things when put together!