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Casablanca: Hassan II mosque

The third-largest mosque in the world, and largest one in Africa, Hassan II mosque is a new addition to Casablanca.  Funding for its construction came from the government, the crown, and the faithful.  The building can house 25K people for prayers (men on the main floor, women on the raised second-floor platforms, enclosed by stunning wooden screens), with another 80K on the plaza outdoors.  The roof opens to the sky.  And this is the only mosque in the area open for public tours.

The first view, from the plaza.

The sheer size of this mosque boggles the imagination.

On entering, we placed our shoes in green bags, then carried the bags with us.  We walked from the west end to the east end and heard of some of the details of decoration.  Then we went downstairs to a whole floor that is nothing but fountain after fountain for ritual washing before prayers.

From the distance.

In the washing area:

On the main floor: