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This week’s menu

[revised after a trip to the market]

Sunday, February 3
Breakfast of sourdough toast and bacon
Dinner of shrimp skewers and lemon butter new potatoes (Cooking for Two, p. 166), plus steamed green beans
After Evensong, evening snack of pot-stickers

Oatmeal and toast at breakfast
Lunch with a colleague
Dinner of Slow-Cooker New Mexican Red Pork Chili (Cooking for Two, p. 281) and homemade tortilla chips

Grits, cheese, fruit at breakfast
Lunch at Southwest Diner (it’s Tamale Tuesday, after all!)
Dinner of leftover shrimp and a salad

Eggs and sausage at breakfast
Lunch of leftover red pork chili
Dinner of curried chicken salad and some fruit

Thursday (sourdough day)
Toast, cheese, scrambled eggs, sausage at breakfast
Ham & cheese quiche and salad for lunch (Cooking for Two, p. 338)
Leftovers after Variety Club rehearsal

French toast and sausage at breakfast, then make almond cake (Cooking for Two, p. 395)
Lunch with an old friend
Dinner of slow-cooker barbecued steak tips  and homemade French fries (Cooking for Two, p. 286), and almond cake

usual Saturday breakfast: sausage and eggs
French cooking class at the Botanical Garden for lunch
More leftovers at dinner (quiche or curried chicken salad); almond cake

At the grocer’s:

  • instant tapioca
  • sole
  • eggs
  • 1 lb. steak tips
  • shallots
  • Gruyère
  • chicken broth
  • 1 lb. country-style boneless pork ribs
  • salad fixings
  • cream
  • milk
  • corn tortillas
  • hominy
  • tonic water

And from Penzey’s:

  • celery
  • bell pepper mix

I’m traveling much of the following week, so the menu will resume on Sunday, February 17.


On Wednesday last week, I attended a sourdough bread class at Kitchen Conservatory. And I came home with a bit of starter.

By Friday morning, after feeding the starter a third time, the sour, fermenting liquid was ready to become bread.

And so it was that my journey began.

I spent a good chunk of Friday mixing, resting, pulling, resting, and finally shaping what would become two loaves of bread.

Knowing I would not have time on Friday evening to bake them, I chose to let them have their final rise in the fridge, and I baked them on Saturday morning.

Comparing the photos of these to the ones from class, and also comparing the taste and consistency, I realize that I underbaked these by about five minutes. But for a first attempt, I’m not too awfully unhappy!

I already have Tuesday time blocked out to work on two more loaves!

By the way, the loaf with the more elaborate scoring went nearly immediately to Elizabeth and James and Olivette, my next-door neighbors. The gifting of bread has started.