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Euro18: crown jewels

Since I have a jahreskarte to several Vienna museums, I went back on Friday to the Imperial Treasury Vienna.

The treasury, which is Austria’s version of the Jewel House at the Tower of London, features a stunning array of ecclesiastical objects, most of which are so overly ornate as to be wearisome.

But the secular treasury is a stunner!

Coronation robes.  The Habsburg hereditary crown.  Insignias of secular orders.  Objects d’art.  Uniforms galore.

The crown of the Holy Roman Empire was kept in Nuremberg for centuries, but has resided in Vienna since the dissolution of the Holy Roman Empire in the early 1800s (save for a brief sojourn back to Nuremberg under the Nazis).

I spent the €2.50 for the audio guide and wandered and listened and snapped photos for two hours. And the treasury is air-conditioned, which is a plus!

Emerald unction vessel, with 2680 carat emerald! Prague, 1641.
Detail, crown of Stefan Bocskay. Turkey, 1605.
Great cross of the military order of Maria-Therese, 1765.
Great cross of the military order of Maria-Therese, 1765.
Holy Roman Empire imperial crown, finished in the early 1000s. Worn only at the coronation of the Holy Roman Emperor. Of German origan, ca. 980. Gold, cloisonné, precious jewels, pearls.
Detail, crown of the Holy Roman Empire.
Detail, Habsburg imperial crown. Prague, 1602.
Orb made in the first quarter of the 17th century to be used at coronations.
Ceremonial garb of one of the orders of merit. I can’t recall which one.
Austrian imperial coronation robe.
Ceremonial crib for the son of Napoleon. Paris, 1811.
Hungarian opal, ca. 1600.
Detail, Habsburg hereditary crown. Prague, 1602. The pearls are killer, but the enamel work on this is stunning.