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Tangier: shouts-out

  • Achraf, the wonderful local guide who seemed to know every third person on the street, who explained and answered every question, who knew the BEST restaurants, and who conducted every minute with a smile and care for my safety and happiness. He’s the real deal. Achraf can be reached on Facebook at Achraf’s Private Tours, by email at info@tangier-privateguide.com, or by cellular at +212 6 68 90 75 39. Book this guy!
  • The Hilton Tanger City Center, a lovely, modern five-star hotel that has taken care of everything regarding my comfort and sleep. Need train tickets? Ask Imad the Concierge. Need colder tonic water? Ask the gregarious and aim-to-please Jamal in the Executive Lounge. Need postcard stamps? Ask Imad the Concierge. Book this hotel!
  • My superior chef at the cooking school.
  • Le Saveur de Poisson. The best meal of 2019 so far, one of the most memorable meals in my life.