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Memories: G-ma’s aerogram

Ruth Blocher (my maternal grandmother, known as “G-ma”) and her sister Esther (my beloved great-aunt) and I wrote aerograms to my parents when they were in Argentina.

I later moved to faxing, and then to email.  And of course I started with letters before realizing that aerograms were cheaper.

G-ma (who had just turned 84 at the time) posted this aerogram to my parents on July 21, 1992.  Her first paragraph recounts seeing me as Horace Vandergelder in a performance of Hello, Dolly! at Blue Springs City Theatre earlier that month.
gma-hello-dolly - 1

“Friday as I told you I went to Auntie’s, we picked up the girls in L.S. and went to the play.  It was good good great.  I hadn’t laughed so much in a long time.  He yelled and screamed at everyone until Dollie got to him then he was mild as could be.  When the old beat down man part came he was perfect.  Of course from then on he turned on the charm and smile.  I’m sure glad we didn’t miss that one. Rich several times I saw you up there on the stage.”

Playing Horace Vandergelder in Hello Dolly in 1992.

Thursday in NYC

By the numbers:

13,374 steps Thursday.

2 meetings with songwriters.

1 show.

And 1 most extraordinary dessert.

Amy’s Bread had a butterscotch cashew bar calling my name.  I succumbed.

And speaking of succumbing, Hello, Dolly! was a paroxysm of delight.  Bette Miller is out this week; I saw Donna Murphy in the title role.

While Miss Murphy’s voice may be ever-so-gently frayed, her energy, spunk, spirit, and timing — and her legs — are intact. And I loved her.

This revival had me in tears of joy a couple of times.  Kate Baldwin is glorious as Miss Milloy; Gavin Creel, a most engaging Cornelius.  I could not erase the memory of Josh Borgmeyer (may he rest in peace) as I watched Taylor Trensch as Cornelius, though.  

One of the stunners of this current revival is the chorus — rich, glamorous, able to move as a unity, and full-throated.  “Sunday Clothes” will never be bettered, visually or aurally.