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Tuesday morning in Worcester

Rain.  Blessed rain.

Last evening, not long after the news announcement of the birth of a royal baby and heir to the throne, thunder and lightning commenced, and soon after, rain.

The Midlands have had rain off and on all night.  I was awakened a few times by the noise, but of course I love the sound of rain, especially in this parched land.

Today’s weather: torrential rain, with periods of sunshine in between; a high of 77 today, with an overnight low of 53.  The sun rose at 5.20 this morning, and sets at 9.15 tonight.

Last evening, walking ’round to the pub at a few minutes after 8, I was delighted to hear the sound of change-ringing from the tower of Worcester Cathedral.  The rehearsal went on for an hour.  Three weeks ago, K decided he didn’t like the bells, but I love them and their peculiarly English sound.

At least one local church greeted the royal birth with a wild peal of its lone bell.

I am hopeful for a summons to Kensington Palace to greet the new royal baby in person.