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#TBT: Commencement 1983

May 1983.

I graduated from Southwest Baptist University with the Bachelor of Arts in Religious Studies.  Add to that minors in Music, Philosophy, and Business.

Photos from the day:



Grandma Ruth (G-ma) Blocher was born on this day in 1908.  Here are two pics of her with me, the first from New Orleans when I was a newborn, and the second from the last time I saw her, not long before she died in 2001.

G-ma was a constant part of my childhood, as she visited regularly when we lived on the other side of the state, and then even more regularly when we lived an hour away.  I spent many nights at her house, and as an adult visited as often as I could.  Family reunions always centered around her and Aunt Esther.  Fourth of July celebrations were usually at G-ma’s house, with a big bonfire and hot dogs on a stick and the like.

Rest in peace, Ruth.

JCbaby w Gma-1gma and jeff july 00