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Sunday morning

I’m attending the late service at SS. Michael & George today, so this morning is dedicated to laundry, yard work, and the New York Times.


Samson (seen above yesterday morning on the front porch with my market-going bags to his side) is sleeping in his bed nearby.  He was a lovely snuggle this morning.

My Saturday evening finished with three hours of ‘The Borgias’ on my Netflix queue. This is fun trash, and a delightful historical escape.

At some point today I need to finish putting away all the items from the UK trip, since I didn’t get that done in the five nights I was home before heading to Colorado.

And Lord, do I ever have some ironing to do now that everything from the UK trip is laundered…..

Today’s errand: buy a small teapot, and go by the grocer’s.


Samson resting on his doggy pillow in my home office today.

Samson resting on his doggy pillow in my home office today.

Gray day.

But with bright green grass and leaves outdoors, thanks to all this rain.

I’m doing laundry.

Cleaning house.

Setting up the new laser printer.

Loving on Sam.

Prepping the UK agenda.

Running some clothes to Goodwill.

Scouring the front porch.

Grieving just a bit over the finale of Merlin.

Saturday at home

Sleep late.  Breakfast of strawberries and cream, eaten whilst at the patio table.  Read the newspapers al fresco.

Putter around.  Read Morning Prayer on the Feast of Thurgood Marshall.

Read some more.

This is my Saturday.

I’ll teach a voice lesson in a bit, then go with D to see the new Baz film version of the Gatsby tale.

One dahlia is poking up from its back yard bed by the patio.  And the rabbits have already taken its leaves off.  Alas.

From my front porch just now:


Summer sitting

I spent some time on the front porch this evening, reading the newspaper, and then just watching the world go by, or the little of it that traverses my street.

And then I realized I was turning into that elderly man who sits outside in the evening, just doing nothing save for letting his lawn chair comfort him.  And I got up and went inside.

Views from my porch on Lawn Place at 6 p.m.: