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Foundation, cont’d.

The work is supposedly done.  Certainly the clean-up has taken place.  But cracks that were supposed to be sealed have not been, and tuck-pointing has not taken place.  So I shall withhold final payment until I am satisfied.

My basement

After two days of digging and getting ready, the easy work began today.

The ‘grunt crew,’ as I heard them called today, didn’t show up.  Instead, the skilled crew came in.  They got right to work using a quiet hydraulic pump to press 12-inch sections of piering into the ground.

When I came home from work, I could tell that a couple of the cracks had closed up, and then in looking at the basement I could see how it happened.

I’m told the grunt crew comes back tomorrow to put all the dirt back and seal up the basement floor.  This whole process should be over by Friday, altho the back porch awaits its own fixes on Thursday.

My house

Well.  One hasn’t experienced household living until one opens ones front door and is assaulted with the scent of earth.  Dirt.  Brown dirt.

So I go downstairs, and there are the mounds.

It’s pretty impressive, actually.  These three guys dig up everything under a three-square-foot section of basement concrete . . . after jackhammering out the concrete to begin with.

I can see where the posts are going to go, and the process is making some sense.

Samson, of course, was shaking in his boots when I got home.  I may have to consider taking him with me to school tomorrow, although the last of the jackhammering appears to have been accomplished.


At 11 a.m., I have accomplished a few things this morning.  The Christmas tree is down and migrated to boxes and places in the basement.  (Several of my neighbors’ trees are still up!)  That led to a major dusting and sweeping and vacuuming of the main floor.

And then Samson needed a bath, so he received one.  I’ll traumatize him more in the morning with a tooth-brushing.

Meanwhile, and speaking of migrations, I have commenced moving things in the basement, since the foundation repair begins on Monday morning.  I’ll have muscle tomorrow evening to help with much of this, for which I will be grateful and also provide homemade lasagna.

This Saturday is unseasonably temperate; the windows are open at home to provide fresh air and clear away the odors and reminders of the brief winter so far.