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Random thoughts

Saturday selfie.

Saturday selfie.

Costco slayed me today . . . a menagerie of overweightness in the aisles, sampling every fattening food on today’s promo list . . . compared to such healthy men working there . . . and then my bill of $260, one that included only two things that weren’t on my list.  At least I have toilet paper for the next 12 months now, and enough mango to last the apocalypse.

Acorns are pesky little things.  I’ve had to sweep my front walk three times today.

NYC is but 11 days away, followed by a long weekend in Connecticut at a conference, but during prime autumn leaves season!

Samson can be a real pill sometimes.

Scrambled eggs always taste better with a bit of cheese mixed in.

My iPad is daily more and more my go-to device.  I taught a voice lesson today reading the music from the iPad screen.

And I started another new adult male student today.

Recordings of Beverly Sills’ singing still move me to tears.

The flannel sheets are here to stay for the next six months.

The closer i get to changes the wall colors on the main floor of my house, the more happy I am.

Benedict Cumberbatch is one fine actor.

How can one short-hair dog shed so much?

Sometimes a cigar is just a cigar.

I hate mosquito bites.  And the little critters that create them.

New books are one life’s great joys.


Summer sheets

Summer sheets!

Given the 85+ degrees today, I have washed and put on my bed the summer cotton, replacing the winter flannel sheets.

And I have installed my new flat-screen HD television.

And Samson the Feist is confused.

Today was a powerfully productive day at work, and then later at home!

Allergies are kicking at me.  Ugh.