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Morocco: food

I’ve not yet posted photos of meals, so now is the time.

Kevin and I ate well on Thursday.  Lunch was in Meknes, on a terrace overlooking the King’s garden.  We both had the same thing:

  • chicken broth with fresh cream and a delicious crouton of fried onion
  • pastilla (chicken pie)
  • and dessert for me of oranges with cinnamon.  Kevin had a fruit salad.

Dinner at our riad in Fez was stunningly good:

  • harira, the local soup (served right now as the first course of iftar after the sunset call to prayer)
  • a delicious nut and honey paste that I could have eaten all night
  • small loaves of khobz, the local bread
  • lamb for me, and chicken for Kevin
  • a bowl of fruit for dessert (the remnants of some are on Kevin’s plate)

Our view from the riad dining room:

Morocco: local color

Thursday, May 23, 2019.  Northern Morocco.

We were rolling pretty fast, but I managed to snap a photo of a Berber family by the roadside.
Olive grove in the distance.
Olive trees tended by a Berber farmer, by the creek.


Today was the first time I felt like I might be “The Man Who Knew Too Much.”
Telephone and electric poles are concrete. Much more sustainable.
Sweets for sale during Ramadan.
Mixed spices for sale.
One of the gates of the royal palace in Meknes.