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Fès: Al Attarine Madrasa

مدرسة العطارين

Al Attarine Madrasa  is a 14th-century ‘secondary’ school, teaching all subjects important for learned scholars — Koran, algebra, history, science, and so on — and boarding students who came from away to study here.  The cells upstairs are just that — Spartan and perfect examples of how teenage scholars would have lived hundreds of years ago.

The collection of ceramic tile, cedar wood carving, and plaster work is a sight unto itself.

This was so worth the MAD20 (or US$2) admission fee.

Fès: Riad El Amine

Our home the last two nights has been Riad El Amine in Fès.  Kevin and I are both in junior suites, which means a large room with high ceilings and loads of comfort. (See the door to my room, pictured above.)  My bed is quite perfect.

Service is efficient and eager.  Zakaria has been our ever-present help, fetching tea, serving breakfast, finding a beer or two, giving directions, making a call to a restaurant.  He has provided remarkable assistance and eager kindness.

The guest house itself is off the beaten path, in the rather low-rent downhill area of of the old medina.  An odor of sewer persists in the derb leading to the door, and is especially present at the parking area at the foot of the hill. While the interior and service (and food) is five-star, the location isn’t.

But that is small matter, and first-world rambling.  I’d stay here again.