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Turkey pie

IMG_3880Using leftover smoked turkey (frozen since Thanksgiving), I made on Friday a quick turkey pie.  I diced up a potato and boiled the pieces for a few minutes.  While the potatoes were cooking, I poured a can of chicken broth into a pot, added a bunch of shredded turkey, about a cup of corn and a cup of frozen peas, a handful of dehydrated onion flakes and some celery flakes, salt and pepper and brought all that to a boil.

I added the cooked potatoes, then thickened the whole thing with a slurry of 3/4 c. flour and a healthy cup of milk.  Putting all that in a casserole dish, I topped it with some Pillsbury crescent roll dough and baked until the dough was bread.

A salad of Romaine with citrus dressing was the right match for the smokiness of the meat.


3 lbs of apples.  3 dishwasher loads.  9 kitchen towels.  Multiple lbs of turkey.  1 turkey neck plus onion and celery and bay leaf, all boiled for stock for gravy.  3 lbs of new potatoes.  Loads of green beans.  And of course a batch of cheese grits.

And 7 happy voices around the table.

This was my Thanksgiving, as friends and a couple of students enjoyed a Thanksgiving feast & fellowship.


I had a hankering for goulash tonight, and in keeping with my plan to use up every bit of edible meat in the freezer before I procure any more, I thawed a pound of hamburger, then substituted it for the beef called for by The Joy of Cooking.  With a few other slight adaptations, I had an incredibly happy meal of goulash on noodles.

Paprika, sour cream, V-6 juice, some beef broth, a bit of tomato paste — these are yummy things when put together!


Tonight was dinner with C night, as Tuesday often is.

I slow-cooked today a 7 lb. pork butt. I poured a small bottle of KC Masterpiece sauce and 12 oz. of orange juice into an oven bag, then added the whole pork butt.  The pork was yummy and flavorful without being overly barbecue-esque.

The side was sweet corn and roasted red pepper pieces fried in a bit of bacon grease.

Salad was cucumber and Romaine in an orange balsamic dressing.

And dessert, halfway through a movie, was peaches sauteed in butter, sugar, and sherry, served over ice cream.