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Saturday, Central Park

Cardinal spottings:

Titmouse needing attention:

Other birds:

And a dead daffodil apres snow:


And then….

….on the Facebook page of an acquaintance from Gloucestershire, UK, I see this post of daffodils blooming in his garden today in temperatures of 46 F.


Spring is indeed just around the corner, or so I shall tell myself in 12 inches of snow and 4 degrees above.


At 7.45 a.m., mild sleet.

At 8.30 a.m., snow.

Here’s the view from the choir room at church at 11 after the first service of the day (with two more to go):

Palm Sunday show.

Palm Sunday show.

Three days ago, the daffodils were ready to open.  I cut two of them after church today, so that they won’t freeze in the snow (although I think they’re pretty hardy).

IMG_4026 IMG_4013

Will they survive?