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Tangier round two: luggage

All signs point to no luggage, and that my large bag is lost for good.

The locals tell me that Royal Air Maroc is the problem.

American Airlines tells me they transferred my bag to Royal Air Maroc, but have no luggage tag number, and no specific record of delivery or pick-up or sign-off on the transfer.  The two airlines are going to be pointing fingers to each other.

And now I get the fun of filing claims with the airline(s) and with the travel insurance company.

Of course, they will only reimburse items that I purchase to replace, up to a certain amount.

My Birkenstocks are gone.  So are a pair of shoes I bought six years ago in the UK, in Wells . . . some of my best walking shoes.  The Hawaiian shirts are gone. Some might cheer that news.  So are two hats bought specifically for travel.  And a book.  And underclothes and trousers and shirts and toiletries and an expensive carbon-fiber walking stick.  And my electric razor.  And my maintenance meds.  And some school work.

The Hilton concierge took us around to the adjacent shopping mall after Iftar on Tuesday evening.  He pointed out two shops that would open very soon, at 9 p.m.  I now have more underclothes, socks, a pair of jeans, two new shirts (plus two others I bought today), toiletries (so inexpensive here!!), some flip-flops, and a hat.

Two of the new additions to the wardrobe.

A new suitcase itself shall wait until I return home, unless I see something I really like.

The extra cost today? The equivalent of:

  • $12 for toiletries
  • $305 for clothing

I’m being infinitely patient, too.  And thanking God that I am man of means, who is experienced in traveling.  This bump is not going to frizzle me!

Out of control

I must stop.

Someone stop me.

DHL, cease the deliveries.

I now own 21 new shirts from Sam’s Tailor in Hong Kong…..

And I’ve had to clean out clothing and donate two big piles to Goodwill.

This is a total of six new suits or blazer/trouser combos in the last six months.  Plus four new pairs of shoes.  Plus 25+ shirts. It’s a whole new wardrobe.  And I’m loving it!

The last day

‘Tis the last day of the year.

IMG_3855I breakfasted this morning on hotcakes and bacon, with a big pile of blackberries as the finish.

Laundry is in the works right now.  I’m determined to work on the pantry shelves today too.

At 9 a.m., snow is gently falling from the skies.

I’ve called my alderman this morning to lodge a third complaint about a trash dumpster that is perilously close to blocking my garage.  Two previous complaints have been ‘closed’ showing that the problem has been fixed, but alas, whomever is closing the complaints is lying.

And I’ve made a call about my convection oven, plus cancelled my SiriusXM account since I really don’t need it!

So . . . the morning has been productive.  Bills await payments; they are next.  Then I’m going to do a bit of shopping for eyeglasses and a new iron.

I hit Nordstrom Rack yesterday, a dangerous thing to do.  I went in for a new black belt and a bow tie, but left with a yoga mat for my studio at school, two pairs of socks, two bow ties, and a new pair of shoes (very festive!).  Then I went to the antique mall to shop and ponder, but ended up with new stemware, some frosted glasses, and a three-way grater/shredder.  And I found a desk lamp I think I just have to have for the office.

Samson gets a bath and a teeth-brushing today.

Did I mention that I’m re-watching all of Downton Abbey in prep for the new season?  I’ve viewed eight episodes in two days.  Sadly, I read a spoiler(s) and now know what happens this third season, but I shall watch intently anyhow.

So this last day of the year is a clean-up day — a peaceful day filled with the little tasks that make life easier in the long run.


A night off

I left the office at 6 today after finishing three different reports today.  In fact, I got everything done today that was on my diary, but sadly didn’t get to the longer-term punch list.

So, after chowing quickly on Taco Bell (I just didn’t feel like cooking tonight), and grabbing some cuddle-time with Samson the Feist, I went to Nordstrom.

Having purged my closet of a number of unwearable shirts this weekend (starting singing ‘Don’t get around much any more’ as you try to button them, and you’ll get the idea), I was ready for some new ones.  D told me he had a sale on, and he was right.

Glory be!, to the five shirts I added some facial soap and a lovely bottle of Jo Malone ‘Pomegranate Noir’ cologne.  I love this scent!

Now to pay some bills and settle in for a bit of television to wrap up the evening…..