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Chicken enchilada casserole

Somewhere in my recipe file is a sheet in my mother’s handwriting, with the recipe for a big pan of chicken enchilada casserole. It’s a yummy concoction, using flour tortillas.

As I was cleaning my desk yesterday, in my home study, I found a little recipe book from Grace & Holy Trinity Cathedral, Kansas City.  I had purchased this a couple of years ago, and dog-eared a few recipes, then left it out of mind on the side of my work space.

One of the recipes was a similar concoction to what Mom made.  And so on Sunday evening I threw together a homemade cream of chicken soup base, sour cream, corn tortillas, a cup of diced chicken breast, a can of green chilies, a bit of onion, and some chicken broth . . . and had a wonderful, cheese-topped homemade casserole.  With leftovers for the week.

This tasted almost like Mom’s recipe.  For a moment, I was transported back to the kitchen on Wingate in Lee’s Summit.

The Joy of Cooking

May I just say how much I love The Joy of Cooking, the single best cookbook I own?

I am so grateful to D for introducing me to this indispensable guide!  The cookbook contains recipes for nearly everything.

Today was toasted pecans, and toasted pepitas.  Last week was sweet crepes, and on a different day hot chicken casserole.