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Full heart

Yesterday afternoon I sent away my theory class on their Spring Break.  They of course had a heavy-duty take-home exam to go along with them.

And then I the privilege of watching my beloved and multi-talented Charlie Ingram run a final dress of his Senior Showcase.  Charlie and his senior classmates are on their way to NYC right now, where on Tuesday they will perform for agents and directors and casting associates and alums and friends.

I closed my Friday with the extraordinary, celebratory presentation of the Missouri Arts Council Leadership in the Arts Award 2014 to my mentor, friend, and boss, Peter Sargent, Dean of the Leigh Gerdine College of Fine Arts at Webster University. Peter’s a humble man, much more comfortable in smaller groups than in the limelight, but he stood like a giant yesterday as dignitaries proclaimed him, friends feted him, and family loved him.

Friday was a good day to be a Websterian.


Today’s news

1.  I had a backstage tour of the MUNY today, thanks to company manager Sue Greenberg.  What fun that was!

2.  I have stepped down to an ankle sleeve, away from the more rigid splint I was in.  This seems to be all the support I need.

My new attachment for the next eight weeks.
My new attachment for the next eight weeks.

3.  I have a new garage door, with an opener!

4.  Spamalot was great fun last evening.

That's Webster alum (and my former voice student) Jacob Lacopo, second from right, in this big number from Spamalot at the Muny.
That’s Webster alum (and my former voice student) Jacob Lacopo, second from right, in this big number from Spamalot at the Muny.

5.  Charlie the Baritone (Charlie Ingram, my senior voice student) sang the pre-show at the Muny last evening.  He was wonderful. I especially enjoyed hearing him do some pieces we’d worked on in lessons.

With Charlie Ingram after his Muny pre-show set last evening.
With Charlie Ingram after his Muny pre-show set last evening.

6.  Eli Wedel is in town.  I visited with him at the Muny last evening.  Eli was a Ball State University Singers member, traveling to China with the group and serving in both the glee club and the band. I’d not seen him in six years.

7.  Traffic today was ugly on the return trip home.



Hyatt at the Arch, Saint Louis.–

We are at coffee break time at the League of American Orchestras annual conference. I’m attending a portion of today’s events as a first-time attendee. The Saint Louis Symphony Orchestra made arrangements for partners to register free of charge; I took advantage, of course.

The exhibit hall is filled with agents and publishers. Pops and comic concerts seem to be a big deal! (I suppose that concerts of that ilk are great audience builders.) I visited for a while with a team who help in career development, and think we may have some opportunity to enrich our student experience with their help.

Rob Shay from Mizzou is here; we visited for a few minutes. And I spent a few seconds with Gene Dobbs Bradford, Executive Director of Jazz St. Louis. I waved at some SLSO folk; they’re out in full force, of course. And I talked to a few people who are piggy-backing from the Conductors Guild conference that concluded earlier this week.

My next event is a Digital Media workshop, after which I head to lunch at home and then to the office for a full afternoon of meetings and tasks. Rob Shay mentioned his ‘A’ list and ‘B’ list for the summer. I’m pretty much through my ‘A’ list, which is good, since I have only four more office days before departing for the UK. When I return, the run-up to the beginning of school is in full swing and any other planning and longer-term work will take a back seat.


Tonight = Spamalot at the Muny. Charlie Ingram (my senior music theatre major) is singing the pre-show at the gazebo. Jacob Lacopo (Webster alum and former student) is in the show. And I’m looking forward to seeing Eli Wedel, a former student from Ball State, in Saint Louis for a few days.

Mrs. Mannerly

K and I attended this evening a performance of Mrs. Mannerly, a play about manners and relationships.  My student Charlie Ingram was one half of the two-person cast.

And I was a proud teacher.

Mrs. Mannerly is at root a relationship story, featuring two endearing protagonists: Jeffrey, the young man and his older self looking back, and Mrs. Mannerly, the local manners maven who may have her own secrets.  Two actors bring this duo to life.

I will leave it to others to review the play, as I am biased.  My voice student was in the show, and he gave a tour de force performance of quick changes of character and voice and stature.  Charlie is so watchable anyhow, but he was especially so tonight.

My suggestion: spend the $30 and see this show before it closes at the end of the weekend.  This is as fine a 75 minutes of theatre as you can get, and you’ll be glad you did. K, who isn’t prone to praise of shows, said this was $30 well spent.

Performances are at COCA at the west end of the Delmar Loop.  The producer is Max and Louie Productions, where tickets are still available.