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Habanero pepper jelly

Whilst stocking up Friday at Rogers Produce, I saw a quart basket of habanero peppers.

And I bought them.

And then I had to determine what to do with them.

Why not Habanero Pepper Jelly?

And thus it was that I spent an hour Sunday evening making jelly.  We shall sample tonight as I have nearly a dozen Webster University students here for a Labor Day barbecue.  The appetizer: red pepper jelly and cream cheese on wheat crackers.

As I write this on Sunday evening, I’m hearing the lids ping to let me know they are sealed.  That’s music to a canning-chef’s ears!

The recipe: http://allrecipes.com/recipe/170998/habanero-pepper-jelly/ 

Oh . . . and a reminder: even if you are wearing latex gloves whilst seeding the habaneros, you should still wash your hands and scrub in soapy water before you touch your nose.  Lesson learned.  


Crushed tomatoes

I killed a $50-bill at Soulard Market this past Saturday.  Peaches.  Corn.  Cucumbers for pickling. A sweet roll for breakfast.  Eggs from my Amish farmer vendor.

And 15 pounds of tomatoes, slightly blemished and less presentable.

The result is 5.5 quarts of crushed tomatoes, to enliven my meals and make happy my palate during the winter months.

It’s blurry, but one can see the preparations. And I need a bigger kitchen.