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London: Borough Market

From the Borough Market in London, on a rainy Thursday:

I bout some Caerphilly cheese, vacuum-packed to bring home.  This makes me happy.

And I spent an hour in Southwark Cathedral, just soaking up the silence.

And then I spent Maundy Thursday at St. Paul’s Cathedral, with a music list that included Duruflé, Michael Haydn, Stainer, Poulenc, and Frank Martin.


Good lord….

And now comes a report that a van has mounted a sidewalk on London Bridge, mowing down pedestrians.  And stabbings in Borough Market, the famed market and nightlife area built amongst the footings of the bridge.  

I just walked this area with Robin last summer, going twice to Borough Market, which felt like one of the safest places in the world with the panoply of people.  Food. Drink. The pot pourri world of London, all in one place.

And I continue to ask the question posed by Scriv’ner John in the Kansas City Star years ago:

On judgment day will zealots see Scaffolds waiting patiently?

God bless London.

And damn these zealots.