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Before & After

With great delight, I hereby announce that the sod arrived today!

I’ve been waiting for a new back yard for over a year.  Today I have one.

This is what things looked like this morning:

IMG_4134 IMG_4135

I came home from school to find the ugliness gone:

IMG_4138 IMG_4137

Now the gate needs to be reinstalled.  Samson was certainly enjoying his perch as I watered the yard!

IMG_4148 IMG_4147 IMG_4146

Before and after

After two hours in the yard today, both of my little plots of earth look much better.  I still have a ways to go in the back yard as I clean up winter’s mess, but the outlines are stronger and the possibilities are becoming clear.

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My journey to Lowe’s this morning opened up for me a wealth of flower options.  This is going to be a wildflower year, with zinnias, hollyhock, and others goodies thrown around too.

I planted a raspberry bush today too.