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Apple pie

The apple pie is finished.  An all-butter crust.  Cortland apples for the filling.  A crumb topping.  All backed in a paper sack.

The recipe: https://jeffreycarter.wordpress.com/2012/11/23/paper-sack-apple-pie/

I wrote my father last evening;

I will host nine+me for Thanksgiving dinner at 2 p.m. on Thursday. My friend Kevin and his roommate will be here, like last year.  Two of last year’s students are dying to return.  And I have five other Webster kids joining.  Kevin is smoking the turkey tomorrow.  He’s also making a corn dish of some sort, and the green bean casserole. I’ve finished a pecan pie.  (I’ve finally learned how to make a crust! I suppose it’s never too late….)  And I also made a cranberry-orange relish today.  Tomorrow morning will be an apple pie after an early breakfast.  After church, it’s cheese grits, sour cream yeast rolls, apple-sage dressing with bread I roughly cubed and toasted today, and gravy.


3 lbs of apples.  3 dishwasher loads.  9 kitchen towels.  Multiple lbs of turkey.  1 turkey neck plus onion and celery and bay leaf, all boiled for stock for gravy.  3 lbs of new potatoes.  Loads of green beans.  And of course a batch of cheese grits.

And 7 happy voices around the table.

This was my Thanksgiving, as friends and a couple of students enjoyed a Thanksgiving feast & fellowship.