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Random thoughts

Thursday luncheon at Union Loafers, and then dessert at Chouquetteis an STL delight.

Taking a day off in early August is also a delight.

The work of Inbox KP never ends.  I have unsubscribed recently from so many mailing lists . . . a healthy minority of them things for which I never signed up.  Damn third-party resellers of email information.

Credit card fraud is real.  This past week I apparently spent money in Boston and Seattle. Thank you, Fifth Third, for healthy fraud detection software.

Anna the Niece and I went to see the movie Lady Macbeth on Tuesday evening.  Dark dark dark.

Then we walked down the Delmar Loop for ice cream.  Overpriced and not that tasty, but fun presentation, Thai style.

I booked a major Webster-related trip this past week.  Athens/Vienna/Moscow. September and early October.

The Moscow airport is a 45-minute drive from the city center at 4 a.m., and a 90-minute drive at 4 p.m.

This will be a whirlwind trip: less than two days on the ground in Athens, 36 hours in Moscow, but a blessed weekend in Vienna to do some work with adjunct faculty.


Morris-Jumel Mansion

The Morris-Jumel Mansion bills their property as Manhattan’s oldest house.

Since I always try to do one new thing each time I visit NYC, I made the long trek north in Manhattan on Sunday afternoon, and was rewarded with a delightful hour.  The docent in the kitchen was especially informative.

George Washington used this house as his headquarters before the Yankees had to abandon Manhattan.  And Aaron Burr lived here for a while until the end of his life.  The house is steeped in history, and to think that I was standing in George Washington’s study was, well, a little overwhelming.


My kids

Since I had so many of my former Webster University students to see in NYC this trip, I decided to pull a bunch of them together for dinner.

And I think we all decided that this endeavor was incredibly worthwhile and fun, and a most wonderful reunion.  Several of the students did not know each other when we sat down, so long have I been teaching now.

The final tab was outrageous, but the conviviality and memories are priceless.