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My house

From Saturday, two views of my home.


Ten years ago

Ten years ago today I sent an email to Peter Sargent, Dean of the Leigh Gerdine College of Fine Arts at Webster University, officially accepting the appointment as Chair of the Department of Music.

Ten years……

This is longer than I’ve lived in any city in my life, and longer than I’ve stayed in any single job. And what a good ten years it’s been!

From ten years ago:

My new office Webster University.

Where I’ve lived

An almost-exhaustive compendium of
photos of places I’ve lived over my 56 years

1961. The New Orleans hospital in which I was born.

1961. With G-ma Ruth on the steps of my parents’ residence hall at New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary.

1962. Coushatta, Louisiana.

1964. My parents’ rental house in Columbia, Missouri.

1965. The house on Clayton in Columbia — my parents’ first home purchase.

On our way to church in Columbia, 1967. I am 5, Karen 3, and Beth a newborn.

1967. The rental house in Hannibal.

Inside this rental house in Hannibal.

1969. And just next door, the home my parents purchased in Hannibal.

1971. Lee’s Summit. The home on Wingate, in Briarcroft subdivision.

Inside that home on Wingate, my parents are canoodling.

1975. At the piano, in the home on Wingate.


1979. Just before I started college, my parents bought their dream home in Lee’s Summit.

1979. Landen Hall, at Southwest Baptist University. My college home for four years.

In my dorm room, decorating a Christmas tree during my freshman year at SBU.

I am missing photos of the places I lived during the summers of 1981 and 1982, as I worked in Missouri between college semesters.  Summer 1981 was at Southwest Baptist University in the Admissions office; Summer 1982, in Tarkio as a summer missionary.

1983. Willow Springs. My first rental home.

1984. A townhouse in Blue Springs.

Townhouse living room. Drab. The painting on the wall is by Aunt Esther. The bookshelf is one I made as a kid. The coffee table was a Mom-&-Pop hand-me-down.

1986.  I am missing a photo of the house I rented in Bolivar while I was Director of Admissions at Southwest Baptist University.  The building has subsequently been demolished.

1987. A townhouse in Blue Springs, on Arlington Place. I was there four months.

1987. A duplex in Blue Springs, near Highway 7 and I-70.

1988. The first home I ever owned, on Summit Circle in Blue Springs.

1995. Just back from the UK, I rented out my home, and moved into Kansas City, where I lived in a loft in this building in the City Market.

1997. During my time at the University of Kansas, I lived in two different apartments in this townhouse building. Some of the best memories of my life are here.

1999. I am missing a photo of my townhouse in Owensboro, Kentucky, where I taught college for one year.

2000. A gated community in Muncie, Indiana. I lived in a condo in this building for 8 years.

Christmas at Halteman Villas.

At the condo, with students for a final meal as we wrapped up the show choir year: a big pan of canneloni, with Derek Wilson, Luke Meyer, Brian Calvert and mohawk, Amanda Krupinski, Jesse Diaz, Meghan Reiser, and Adam Hendrickson’s arm.

2008. The rental duplex on Alfred Avenue in Saint Louis.

At the duplex on Alfred. We were getting rain.

And then I bought my own dream home in November 2008.  And I’ve been here ever since, with one dog and then another.  I like it here.

Here’s a bonus: my elementary school in Lee’s Summit.

1971. Pleasant Lea Elementary School.


Nine years ago

Nine years ago today, I closed the deal on my new home in Saint Louis.

What a joy 25 Lawn Place has been for me.

And what work this house has taken!

A gallery:


Over the last few weeks, in addition to the new windows on the west porch, I have undertaken various ‘rearrangements’ at home.

The downstairs CD cabinet still does not have a home, so the dining room is still piled with discs, but the living room is almost set now.

I have moved the television from the east corner to the west corner.  I still need to rewire some things, but that will happen soon enough.  My favorite chair is in the northwest corner, and I see the television, the fireplace, and the front windows.  The sofa now is planted centrally by the front windows, with morning sun pouring over my shoulder as I read and cuddle with the dog.

I’ll put up some of my photos, printed on canvas, in the southeast corner tomorrow.  And I’ll figure out where all those musical theatre and Broadway DVDs need to live.  Also Sunday, I intend to take apart the utility shelves on the west porch, and clean up that view, since I’m now eating breakfast at a bistro table on the porch.

All in all, this freshens the house for another season or two!

New windows

Pella was back to my house on Tuesday, this time to install four new windows on the back porch.  I now have single-hung energy efficient windows.  

The evidence:

The result:

And the next addition, which will arrive next week:

I’ll have a little breakfast nook on the porch, and try to make this room a bit more 3.5-season than it has been!

Neighborhood changes

Busy week on Lawn Place.

21 has apparently sold for an extraordinary amount of money, which helps all of us on home value as the comps rise.  This is good news indeed!

The house south of me has some foundation repairs in the offing.  (How I tremble when I remember my own foundation issues five years ago.)

The house to the north of me is getting all new windows, with ensuing banging of hammers &c.

And my own new windows arrive next week.

Renewal is a good thing.