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Magic Chef Mansion

The Magic Chef Mansion is a Saint Louis treasure.  And in this summer of local tourism, I finally made a visit on a cloudy Saturday in August.

Forest Park

Auggie and I went to the Grand Basin in Forest Park on Saturday evening, to attempt to learn some things about light and reflection and the Canon camera.

Auggie marred the evening by deciding to tussle with a wee little doggie. Augustus Rex is a massive alpha when other canines are involved.  And once he gets sight of another dog, he is beyond anything but corporal control. Alas.

Canada goose.

Snowy egret.

Snowy egret in flight.

Snowy egret x2.


Sandy Creek Bridge

I went with a friend on Sunday evening to Sandy Creek Covered Bridge in Hillsboro, down in the county where my father was born.

Until about 1900, I would have paid 3¢ to walk across this bridge, and each head of cattle or sheep I drove across would have cost me 1½¢.


Three years ago I asked the City of Saint Louis to add my sidewalk to their replacement program.  Apparently, things are happening.  The orange marks were first.  Laclede Gas was out this week to mark service lines too.

What will happen to my hostas?