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Forest Park

I took a walk in the sunshine in the park yesterday. From my front door to actually setting foot in the park is an easy five-minute trek, mostly downhill. (Of course that means the return an hour later is a mostly uphill trek taking a bit longer.)

While the temperature was 44º, the sunshine helped regulate, as did my jacket.

The new walking shoes and a hiking stick were all else I needed.

I was hoping to spot a cardinal.
The artichoke doesn’t look so bad.
Zebra grass is all ready for new growth.
Archery practice.
Spring is here.

Horsey tired.


With Grace and Greg Jones, I attended last evening a lovely themed dinner, conceptually called Dovetail.

The idea?  Music inspires food, and after the music is performed, the food is served.

The location? Intersect Arts Center in South City.

And WOW!

The music was Britten’s 3rd cello suite, movingly played by Jennifer Humphreys from the Saint Louis Symphony Orchestra.

And the food was by artist and chef Tai Davis.

Just WOW!

Notice the dovetailed wood?

Too many of my food photos did not turn out!

Loop Trolley

So the Loop Trolley is finally going belly up.

It should never have been built.  All that wasted time, money, and mess.  All that frustration for months (years?) as the streets were torn up.  All folderol with no sustainable business plan.  All that tax money wasted in supporting a TIF and such.*

It should never have been built.

*How is construction and operations funded:  The primary construction funding came via a $25 million FTA Urban Circulator grant. Funding also comes from other federal grants (CMAQ, STP), a TIF, New Market Tax Credits, St. Louis County Transportation Fund, Great Rivers Greenway, Washington University, and Loop Trolley Transportation Development District sales taxes and donations. A combination of fares, advertising and LTTDD sales taxes will fund operations.


Getting older is hard.

Dealing with an older house is hard.

Woe is me.

Seriously, this has been a double-whammy week.

I’ve been feeling some overly-sensitive sensations in one of my molars for the last couple of months, and a dentist visit this week confirmed what I had surmised: a teenage-years amalgam filling is finally giving way.  The tooth needs a crown.  Even with insurance, this is expensive.

And then . . . for several years I’ve been aware that my back-porch addition flat roof needed replacing.  Calls to several roofers have gone unheeded; they just don’t show up to even bid on a job!  And these are people that have been recommended to me.

Well, my neighbors hired Miguel and his son Brandon to work on their roofing needs, and they are very happy.  And I watched these guys work over the last couple of weeks.  So I asked them for a bid.

Miguel showed me photos of the shoddy workmanship — no flashing, no sealing around the AC lines as they enter the house — and the cracked roofing material on my porch roof.  Here goes a quick grand….  But it needs to be done, and there’s no time like the present.

And as I update this post before publishing, the roof is now complete.  Rarely have been happier to spend $1000 than I am right now.  These guys were just super!