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Garden glow

The garden has a particular glow at this time of year, as April showers give way (or maybe not).

No matter the time of day, the hostas are looking lovely.

And in the back yard, the irises are starting to bloom.  The lilac is finished, but the peonies show promise.  And the annuals — marigolds, petunias, dianthus, verbena, alyssum, and some drapey hangy stuff I can’t recall — all are looking lovely.

The mint is taking off, as is the parsley.  The lavender is showing real hope.  The chives are finally rooting well.

Many of the perennials are really poking up now, with the black-eyed Susans and the tickweed leading the way. My coneflowers appear to have not made it this year.  But the allium are about to burst forth.

The irises win this week, though.

Arching over all, the delicate dogwood in one corner of the yard is starting to drop its blossoms.  Dogwoods are beautiful, and the carpet of white, decaying as it may be, is almost as pretty as the sensual dogwood petals on the tree itself.

With all the rain, I have no pictures.  Soon, though.  Very soon.

The intense glow of Spring may fade, but the voluptuousness of summer is coming.

Easter tidings

Through a window screen, and outside my home office window: a dogwood in full flower.

This week has brought tidings. News. Clarity.

Spring is in full bloom.

The day job is kicking my butt right now.

Christ the Lord is resurrected.

I know more of the path of my life now than I did four days ago.

Old friends have enlivened my days.

School is winding down, but not really.

Voice students are thriving.

Bedding plants are going in the ground on this Easter Sunday.

And all is well.

At the Easter Vigil, we were reminded of our baptismal vows.