Daily Archives: August 9, 2020


The Old Testament lesson at Morning Prayer this morning was the story of Jephthah and his vow to God, as told in the book of Judges.

Jephthah was a brave and mighty warrior.

He also made a foolish vow, but he was a man of principle; he followed through on that same vow and sacrificed his daughter in thanks for a victory in battle.

Jephthah’s story is a cautionary tale.  Be careful what you say.  Try to understand and comprehend consequences before you take action.  Understand the law . . . and cause & effect.  Think before you speak.  As in Hamilton, Smile more, speak less.

This story was fodder for one of the most glorious laments ever penned by a composer.

Guncles Day

I learned last year that the second Sunday of August is Gay Uncles Day, or Guncles Day.

So, happy Guncles Day to me.


Photos of me being a gay uncle: