I had yesterday the honor and privilege of officiating at the wedding of two dear people.

Dallas and Nathan Sisson-Coleman were married last evening in Belleville, Illinois.

The wedding was held in a clearing in a copse on an estate owned by Dallas’ brother.

The remarks I gave before the vows:

Nathan and Dallas meet in the now time-honored tradition of . . . . A particular dating app.

Dallas canceled the first date, just as Nathan was ready to leave his car to go into the restaurant.

The next night, they met in the Grove, and Nathan’s wing man gave Dallas all sort of grief over the previous night’s cancelation.

The first true date, at Cyranos, where old people go for dates, finished with a nice kiss, and then Nathan texted Dallas the next morning to say he wasn’t romantically interested.

Dallas asserts that Nathan lies . . . Because there WAS a second date.  And a third. 

Nathan reminds us that there was whiskey involved.  Always Good whiskey.

Dallas played a little hard-to-get . . .  And then he met the kids. And in the midst of helping Nathan and family move out of their home, Dallas gained the family’s good will.  And bandages. And a quiet blessing from Jennifer, the soon-to-be-former wife. 

I’m also told that Dallas’ family calls Nathan “some dude” because of a reference Dallas made about him, again related to a whiskey gathering and christmastime and the first introduction of Nathan to Thor….

New Year’s Eve 2015 — Thor and Kim are throwing a masked murder mystery party, at this very estate, and Nathan meets the family dressed as an Eastern European gangster trying to score weed, and with his shirt unbuttoned to his belt.

This is right around the same time that Dallas gave Nathan a key to his house.  Dallas swears the key was on a nice key ring, but all Nathan remembers is that Dallas basically threw a key at him and said “hey, here’s a key to my house.

Now . . . Be careful to whom you give a key.

Dallas’ boundaries soon got pushed. Nathan used the key one day, and brought his two daughters along.  Dallas was in the shower. This did not end well. And both parties swear they have learned about each other’s boundaries. 

Two weeks ago, over rye whiskey in the garden at my house, I asked when things became permanent. 

They told different versions of the story, but the essence is this: Nathan was in Spain.  Dallas had scored a promotion . . . To Columbus, Ohio. Nathan asked him not to take it. Dallas asked him to move in.

And that’s what brings us here today.

May Nathan and Dallas have a long, shared life of love and comfort with each other and their families.

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