Daily Archives: June 3, 2020

Perverse and vile

I watched on Tuesday a video-recording of his walk across Lafayette Square, and his photo-op at St. John’s Church. And then I watched the White House’ campaign ad of the same thing.

And the anger at this perverse and vile man, and his enablers, and the sycophants who surround him . . . the anger was real.

He is a symbol of horrible depravity, a manifestation of darkness that persists and pervades.

So in my garden, fighting the gnats, these words flew into my journal:

Outrage upon outrage. Lie upon lie.
This detestable vileness in orange.
Tear-gassing the peaceful, pummeling the helpless.
Soul-shriveled, unloved, tortured calamity of a man-child.
Bluster and ego and narcissus.
This monstrous mendacity in orange.
Hate. Greed. Swamp-rat.
Perversion upon perversion. Insult upon insult.
Law and order cartoon.
Rudderless caricature. Loveless, stunted, and pomped.
Ignorant half-child.
This oozing pus in orange.