Daily Archives: May 16, 2020


Well, one week later, MacCarthy is going back to the agency.

Our vet visit this week did not go well, and MacCarthy is needing care, and the agency wishes him back.

I’m so sorry, as I’m a bit in love with this little guy.  But just the same, I also am happy that this is happening now and not later, after I grow even more attached.

He will have a great home with my agency contact, who is going to keep him himself.

And once again, now with a big box of things from Chewy.com, I’m in the market for a little guy or gal to be my canine companion….

The Rev. Dr.

Back to my early 20s….

This photo is from the day I was ordained a minister in a Southern Baptist Church. May 1984.

I gave up those ordination papers a few years later when I left the denomination for fairer pastures.

Well, I’m ordained again.

The on-line ordination by the Universal Life Church allows me to officiate at the wedding of a friend and colleague next month.

So, it’s now The Rev. Dr. Jeffrey Richard Carter.

But I’ll stick with “DC.”