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#TBT: 1998

From First Presbyterian Church, Lawrence, Kansas — a church directory photo.

April 1998.

One month before we had buried my mother.  I bought this jacket that week as I was buying a suit to wear for the funeral.

And Simon Carrington had inspired me to start wearing a pocket silk, which I do to this day.

I had no gray in my hair then.

A circle

From a Webster University student this week:

This morning I was looking through my bookshelf, and I opened one of my books that my dad gave me. He buys and sells books, and every once in awhile, he finds a book that he thinks will be useful to me for any reason and gives it to me. Usually, these are field guides or music teaching related.
I opened this book today and found this, and wondered if maybe you had owned this book at some point before me?
And indeed, the student had a copy of a book I took to Goodwill well over a year ago as I was purging my shelves at home and at the office!
Sometimes the universe sends signals.  I haven’t decoded this one yet, but I’m certain the signal is a good one.