Daily Archives: March 28, 2020

Saturday thoughts….

A gentle rain is falling.

I’m realizing that my life for the next weeks (months?) is in front of computer, connecting with treasured students and people I love through the two dimensions of a screen.

And that’s not a happy thought.

But we shall persevere.

am going to engage more in sidewalk chats, and perhaps in some lawn chair conversation.  And my front porch is large enough that if I sit on my porch swing, and someone sits 20′ away in a porch chair, we could enjoy some 3D time.

Bev and Aaron Garner stopped by this morning whilst on a walk.  I wanted to hug them so badly.  But they stood in the yard.  I stood on the porch.

My lateral line is slowly collapsing.  So saith the plumber.

Virtual cocktail hour with friends.  Twice this week.  I’ll have a third go today.  Prosecco and some Port Salut cheese with crackers makes for a nice break!

The email onslaught is unrelenting.

So, though, is the virus.  The US numbers are staggering, and the peak is still days or weeks away.


Ah, the joys of a century home.

I have a plumber with me this morning. This is the second call in a year to clean out the lateral line.

This time the cause is a housekeeper accidentally flushing a cloth. Happy I was not.

That little mistake is going to cost me a couple hundred dollars.

And I am living on borrowed time with the 100-year-old lateral line.