Daily Archives: January 22, 2020

The drive

I am now safely at the Lake of the Ozarks for the annual Missouri Music Educators Association conference.  My colleagues and I are staying in a grand lake house on the corner of a little cove, with water on two sides of the house.

Leaving Webster University at 11.30, I chose to come in the south way, down I-44 and then across state roads to Osage Beach.

The weather chose to start raining and freezing a bit just as I left the freeway.

Now mind you — I’m in a rental SUV. A big Ford monstrosity that handles nothing like my Mariele the Volvo.  I can’t see anything over the huge nose of the car.  And I’m driving on twisty, turny, topsy back roads in ever-so-slightly freezing drizzle.

A happy trip this was not.  Note to self: take the four-lane roads to and from the lake.  Full stop.

As I neared civilization again (by which I mean towns bigger than 1000 residents), I noticed the church names have all become one word:

  • Freedom Church
  • Jubilee Center
  • Riverview Church
  • Victory Church
  • Faithbridge Church.

And on the way down, I saw but one and only one Trump/Pence sign.

The view as I enter the house: