Daily Archives: January 9, 2020

#TBT: my circus story

One year ago, I wrote a post about wanting to join the circus when I was a child. Little did I know how joining the circus now as an adult would change my life.


So here is the shameless plug:

I am music director & composer for Circus Harmony  Saint Louis’ only social circus organization, using the circus arts to motivate social change.  The top-level kids from this group, age 8 through 20, put on a full-length circus show with live band every January. I’ve written the music for the show, and will lead the live band for the performances.

FLUENTE is an underwater circus adventure, suitable for all ages.  Imagine blowfish on stilts, seagulls walking a wire, fisherman juggling, and an octopus contorting, and you get the idea.

This group deserves a huge audience for each show, and so I’m sending a personal invitation in hopes that you’ll purchase tickets to one of the performances.  Gather a group and have an outing?  This show is SO fun . . . SO engaging . . . SO fresh and different.  It’s a delight that anyone interested in clean laughs and thrills should see!

Tickets are available here and at the door.  Circus Harmony performs at the City Museum, so you could add on the rest of the day at the museum for an additional $7 once you arrive for a show.

HEADS UP: You will want to bring a seat cushion, since the bum grows tiered after sitting on the hard benches for 90 minutes.

Show dates are Saturday, January 18 and 25 at 2 and 7 p.m., and Sunday January 19 and 26, at 2 p.m.

I hope to see you there!