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#TBT: college days

This is a photo from 1981, most likely, given who is in the photo.  Some of the gents from Landen Hall were prepping for a ‘shirttail serenade’ outside one or two of the ladies’ dorms at Southwest Baptist University.  Notice that we all have hymnals in our hands.

Thanks to my old roommate, Stevie Davis, for this memory!

Oh yes . . . very left of the photo is a 120-lb. Jeff.

Common sense

I say it my students all the time:

Stay home if you are ill. No one else wants your germs.

And the reaction is usually “but I’ll miss points if I stay home” or “my teachers don’t allow me to miss.”

Trust me — we all wish a student who is ill would not come to class. We also wish that our students wouldn’t use illness as an excuse to skip class!

Common sense in the face of another coronavirus:

  • Wash your hands regularly. (I wash mine at least ten times a day.)
  • Stay home if you have a fever.
  • Cover your mouth when you cough or sneeze, then wash your hands right away.

I’ve not had a cold in a decade or more. I follow my own advice.

Oh that I could whip allergies by washing my hands!

By the way, a common cold is one form of a coronavirus. These things hit all the time. But less often to people who wash their hands frequently!

Further reading:

Just like that

Just like that, it’s over.

Fluente is in the books as history.

I actually shed a tear before the show. I just don’t want this one to end.

The hugs and thank-yous and kindnesses are always heartfelt, but especially so today.

Here’s the final pose, as snapped by my brother-in-law:

I’ve already sketched some music for next year’s show, so I guess I’m coming back!

My youngest sister and her husband and daughter were in the audience on Sunday:

One day more

Circus Harmony closes the ginormous January show with one final performance today at 2 p.m.

Are you in Saint Louis?  Within a two-hour drive?  Trust me — this show is the place to be this afternoon.

5 Things To Do in St. Louis This Weekend | January 24 – 26

The acts feature flying seagulls, juggling fishermen, a contorting octopus, hoop-diving deck-hands, mermaids, lobsters, jellyfish, and so much more.  The theme — Fluente, an underseas circus adventure  — is amply carried out on stage.

This show has been such a joy to compose and rehearse!  And I am more and more a believer in Circus Harmony.


Two NPR stories this morning

Two NPR stories this morning have moved me in different ways.

The first, to joy and delight:

The second, to anger:

Pompeo grows more and more intransigent as the interview goes on, but the coda reveals the truth of this oh-so-Christian man.