Daily Archives: December 6, 2019

Loop Trolley

So the Loop Trolley is finally going belly up.

It should never have been built.  All that wasted time, money, and mess.  All that frustration for months (years?) as the streets were torn up.  All folderol with no sustainable business plan.  All that tax money wasted in supporting a TIF and such.*

It should never have been built.

*How is construction and operations funded:  The primary construction funding came via a $25 million FTA Urban Circulator grant. Funding also comes from other federal grants (CMAQ, STP), a TIF, New Market Tax Credits, St. Louis County Transportation Fund, Great Rivers Greenway, Washington University, and Loop Trolley Transportation Development District sales taxes and donations. A combination of fares, advertising and LTTDD sales taxes will fund operations.