Daily Archives: September 4, 2019

Teaching begins

Tuesday.  NOT my longest day.

But my longest day so far.

I plowed through paperwork and emails and agendas and notes.

Department chair meeting took up a chunk of the morning.

And I taught a wonderful sophomore his first voice lesson of the year.

Lunch at my desk.  Dinner at my desk too.

A scholarship grant arrived today, so I had the happy task of walking that over to Development.

We hosted a study abroad in Vienna meeting.

I planned the host of faculty evaluations that must take place in the next six weeks.

And taught three voice lessons for the private studio, starting off the new contract year with fun kids.

And at nearly 10 p.m., I’ve just finished grading video submissions for the music theory class I see at 9 a.m. Wednesday.

Welcome to the semester from *%@~+)@#.