Daily Archives: August 27, 2019

Indo Restaurant

I tried out a fairly new restaurant last week.  Indo is at the corner of McRee and Tower Grove, on the edge of the Botanical Heights neighborhood.  The cuisine is Asian and Asian fusion.

And it’s damn fine.

I started with the gyoza, which were simply perfect.  Eight of them should have made a meal; the plate clearly was meant for sharing.  I was solo, so I ate them all myself.

The plate was lovely, too!

I followed that with shrimp toast.  My lord . . . what a joy that was to savor.

At this point I was full, but I wanted to try to lychee ice cream.  Next time.

My drink was a variation on a gin & tonic.  The restaurant called it ‘a plastic chair in the rose garden.’

The chef is Nick Bognar, a semifinalist this year for the James Beard Rising Star Chef of the Year.

There WILL be a next time.