Daily Archives: August 4, 2019

Saturday at home

I have but two relaxed Saturdays left before the onslaught of what is promising to be a rugged (but fulfilling) semester.

Yesterday was a day for me.  Laundry.  Wash the car.  Weed the garden.  Make lavender and honey ice cream.  Go to the public library.  Read.  Write.  Pay some bills.  Issue private-lesson agreements for the new school year.  Get rid of several dollars worth of coinage.  Stop by the grocer’s for provisions.  Read Morning and Evening Prayer and chant the psalms to the ancient plainsong tones.

And buy some flowers to adorn a) the piano and b) the living room.

And that ice cream?  Delicious!! (After an evening meal of grilled burgers, fried corn and red pepper, cucumber/onion salad.)