Daily Archives: July 7, 2019

DC in DC: notes from day one

I rose early on Saturday for the easy and efficient Southwest Airlines flight to Washington, D.C., and was at my hotel by 1 p.m.

The Madison is a boutique hotel in the Hilton collection; I burned points to book a four-night stay.

First order of business? Sam the Tailor is in town from Hong Kong, and I’ve not had a new shirt order in 18 months, so I trekked to the historic Willard Hotel on Pennsylvania Avenue, and met Sam. An hour later, I’m ready to be outfitted with seven new shirts and a new blazer.

Now 2.30 p.m., and I’m hungry. I stop in at the Round Robin bar for a French 75 and a quick order of crab cake sliders. Somehow crab tastes better here on the East Coast.

After a nap, I took a taxi to the Kennedy Center for the 6 p.m. performance by Second City, the improv group from Chicago who are doing a sit-down this summer in D.C. America: It’s Complicated had some misses, but overall was filled with funny bits and some laugh-out-loud moments. And let me just say that I’ll never look at Mitch McConnell and see him the same way again.

[Sidebar: why is Mitch McConnell still relevant?]

I had met up with Aaron Garner, former voice student, who is in D.C. this summer on an internship with the Library of Congress, and we made our way to Downtown for some barbecue at Hill Country.

And suddenly it was 10.30 p.m. and time to go separate ways

Sunday = church at St. John’s Lafayette Square, then perhaps a museum. And Mr. Lincoln.

The weather on Saturday (and Sunday): hot and steamy and typical Washington, D.C. in July! I was drenched after my mid-afternoon walk. But I got in 12K+ steps on Saturday!!