Daily Archives: June 1, 2019

The summer commences

From St. Andrew’s, Tangier church yard, February 2019.


Since I was abroad for Memorial Day, I’m thinking of June 1 as the unofficial start of summer.

I began a day early on Friday with some work at the office, and then errands: a new water filter for the fridge; loads of yard work; a stop at the frame shop with a bit of art from Morocco.

Saturday will be a full day of errands and such.  I need groceries!

The summer plans include six specific goals to complete:

  • drop 15 pounds
  • read the Koran and commentary
  • write that piece I’ve been pondering after my first Tangier visit
  • re-establish and stick with the daily prayer life of Morning Prayer and Evening Prayer and the cycle of the church year
  • see at least one movie each week
  • purge, especially the basement.

Thursday was the Feast of the Ascension, and Friday was the Feast of the Visititation. So far, so good on the church year.  Thanks to The Portuguese Revenge, my weight is down a few pounds as well.  Sweating in the yard on Friday helps that too!