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@AmericanAir, an update

Ok, now I’m peeved.

@AmericanAir replied to my tweet with “We’re sorry to hear you’re still separated. As Royal Air Maroc was the final carrier, please continue working with them directly.”

Please see my original posting.

The problem is — Royal Air Maroc has no record of the luggage in their system.  No one has a baggage claim number. NO ONE!

So until @AmericanAir can prove that they sent my luggage on to Royal Air Maroc, then @AmericanAir is in my view responsible for my luggage.


Listen to this first-world, but still frustrating tale:

The last time I saw my checked luggage was in Saint Louis on Sunday, May 19.

Having missed our Madrid connection that day, a very kind Liliana (Liliana.Trespalacios@aa.com) met me and Kevin in the terminal at ORD, and provided us new boarding cards for the re-route.  That re-route was ORD to LHR>Casablanca>Tangier.

She also emailed me at 7.23 p.m. CDT on Sunday, May 19:

Hola Mr.Carter!

I am tracking your bags and it seems they were not loaded
On to AA46.  I am trying to coordinate again and try to get them
To rush the bags on the later london flight but im not sure
If they will do it.  Please look for your bags upon arrival just in case.  If they
Send the bags tonight they will make your connection out of
London on Royal Air Maroc.  If you do not see your bags please
File a missing claim with AT.
Please keep me posted!
Safe travels!

Arriving at LHR on Monday morning, May 20, the very kind AA employee at the baggage desk said “I can see that your bags are on the next flight, which will arrive around 11 a.m.” She suggested that Kevin and I return around 2.30 p.m. to collect our bags and physically take them with us to check in with Royal Air Maroc (AT) for the remaining flights.  She suggested that would be better than AA transferring our bags directly to AT.

We returned at 2.30, went through employee security, and the AA employee then informed us that our bags had already been transferred to AT.  Somehow the morning shift and the afternoon shift missed an critical message!

An important point: AA provided no proof, and no baggage claim numbers for the recheck and the reroute.  (Our initial itinerary was STL>ORD>MAD>TNG.)  I have no proof that my luggage was ever transferred to Royal Air Maroc.

Upon arriving in Tangier 12 hours later than planned, Kevin found his checked bag was present.  And wrapped inside his baggage routing tag was one that had my numbers on it!

My checked luggage was nowhere to be found.

After an interminable wait, an Iberian employee showed up to start the no-luggage process.  He was clearly and visibly frustrated that I could not provide an AT baggage claim number.  After the intervention of two other people, he finally (around midnight) completed the luggage interruption report.  I notice that this report was in the Iberia system, and not the Royal Air Maroc system.

On Tuesday, May 21, from Tangier, I called the AA baggage number and had a pleasant visit with an employee who suggested that I file lost luggage reports with both AA and AT.  He also said that ultimately AT had the responsibility for my bags, but he could not verify delivery, by courier or in person, of my luggage to AT when the bags were at Heathrow.  He did indicate that a WorldTracer had been initiated on my luggage.

I am now nearly eight full days since I confidently left my luggage with American Airlines, and I’ve not seen it since.  No word has come by email or phone. I’m going to commence the lost luggage claim process when I return home, and expect a full and complete monetary reimbursement.

This process will take time and energy and patience, and at this point I have little patience left for American Airlines.

The holiday in Morocco has not been ruined simply because I’ve not allowed it to be.  And I realize that these are first-world problems indeed.  I’m grateful for the opportunity and means to travel!

But I’m going to become more vocal until AA gives some monetary satisfaction, or returns my bag to me AND compensates me for the delay.

Tangier: Sunday street scenes

But first, a video update:

I’m calling the stomach malady “The Portuguese Revenge.”

How I loved seeing this flag today!

I attended on Sunday the weekly Eucharist at St. Andrew’s Church, Tangier.  And that’s pretty much all I did except for walk back toward the hotel.

At the hotel.