Daily Archives: March 31, 2019

This week’s menu

Sunday, March 31
Sausage and eggs
Something fast
Chicken schnitzel and peas

Monday, April 1
Ham and eggs
Cashew chicken salad and an apple
Dinner in a rush between recording session and lesson

Tuesday, April 2
Bacon and eggs
Cashew chicken salad
Meat loaf and green beans and salad

Wednesday, April 3
Savory breakfast muffins and fruit
Cashew chicken salad
Pork chop and Caesar salad

Thursday, April 4
More breakfast muffins
Lunch at Southwest Diner
Meat loaf and such

Friday, April 5
Bacon and eggs
Lunch on campus
Chicken schnitzel and Parmesan taters and veggies

Saturday, April 6
Bacon and eggs
Steak and fixings and salad

From the grocer’s:

  • green beans
  • chicken breasts
  • more fruit
  • limes and lemons
  • 1 lb meat loaf mix
  • mushrooms