Monthly Archives: March 2019

This week’s menu

Sunday, March 31
Sausage and eggs
Something fast
Chicken schnitzel and peas

Monday, April 1
Ham and eggs
Cashew chicken salad and an apple
Dinner in a rush between recording session and lesson

Tuesday, April 2
Bacon and eggs
Cashew chicken salad
Meat loaf and green beans and salad

Wednesday, April 3
Savory breakfast muffins and fruit
Cashew chicken salad
Pork chop and Caesar salad

Thursday, April 4
More breakfast muffins
Lunch at Southwest Diner
Meat loaf and such

Friday, April 5
Bacon and eggs
Lunch on campus
Chicken schnitzel and Parmesan taters and veggies

Saturday, April 6
Bacon and eggs
Steak and fixings and salad

From the grocer’s:

  • green beans
  • chicken breasts
  • more fruit
  • limes and lemons
  • 1 lb meat loaf mix
  • mushrooms


I was writing in my journal a few minutes ago, and stopped to marvel at the almost-overnight change in the garden.

The first daffodils are blooming.

The lilac is showing its buds. The dogwood too.

Purple and white crocus are in bloom as well.

Hummingbirds have migrated as far north as central Arkansas. They will be here before Easter.

Come, sweet Spring!

This week’s menu

Sunday, March 24
Cheesy breakfast muffins
Caesar salad
Cheese and ham quiche, fresh fruit

[An edit: I am re-arranging breakfast plans this week, since I made sourdough bread Saturday evening/Sunday morning.]

Monday, March 25
The rest of the muffins
Turkey and cheese on sourdough
Scalloped potatoes, salad

Tuesday, March 26
Bacon and eggs
The rest of the quiche
Scrounge something for dinner

Wednesday, March 27
French toast, sausage
Lunch meeting at Schneithorst’s
Fried potatoes and kielbasa

Thursday, March 28
Bacon and eggs
The rest of the scalloped potatoes
Gyoza and cucumber salad

Friday, March 29
Breakfast at Southwest Diner
Chinese food at lunch at school
Steak and such for dinner

Saturday, March 30
Bacon and eggs
Quick cheese and crackers between lessons
Mini-meatloaves and green beans

At the grocer’s:

  • sausage
  • potatoes
  • kielbasa
  • apples
  • cucumber
  • cream
  • and on Thursday, steak, 1 lb. ground round, green beans