Saturday at home

With a snow day and no lessons, I spent the day doing banking, laundry, music for Circus Harmony, scheduling, writing, and cooking.

And playing with Auggie.

Look for a sign of his presence in this photo:

The snow has continued intermittently on Saturday.  I awoke this morning to find 8″ of snow on the ground, and a neighbor outside shoveling in an act of kindness.  As I wrote a friend today: “I am now officially an adult in the neighborhood.  Juan, who lives two doors to the south, has shoveled the sidewalks and front walks for literally 1/4 of the block, including anyone who is over 50.  I’m grateful beyond words for neighbors like him.”

For breakfast Saturday, I slathered three strips of bacon in brown sugar, then added some fresh-ground black pepper, and baked the bacon until crisp and perfect.  This was a fine accompaniment to French toast, with the bread I made on Friday.

And I finally made some homemade pie crust and cooked two small mincemeat pies.

The snow:

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